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BBQ Today

"The good thing about it is, when you are dining with us, you are not just enjoying the fabulous food, but you can have that sense of satisfaction that you're also helping out the community."

3 Queen Street, Bendigo

0477 827 319

Halal Certified

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No Alcohol

Type of Food Served (Cuisine):

Traditional Pakistani meals served up fresh. Here you can experience the strong flavours captured by Home Cooked Kitchen that delivers local ingredients with a cultural touch. Whether you are looking for a warm dish of Rosh or the sweets of Gulab Jamun. BBQ Today is a family owned business with strong community ties to Bendigo. So while experiencing the Tourist sites of Bendigo like the Goldfields be sure to stop by and enjoy local hospitality with the the family of BBQ today

BBQ Today

"With Pakistani food it tastes best when it is prepared fresh. With our restaurant we don't serve the food for days, we prepare it fresh every day," he said.

"With Pakistani food when you taste it you will definitely feel the difference."