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We are active in working at identifying suitable Halal Meat Providers that are Halal Certified in Australia.

Halal Meat

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Halal Meat is Australia's largest Online Directory for identifying suitable Local Halal Meat Providers. 


Listing suitable places to purchase Halal Meat and Halal Products across Australia. So if you are looking to find the right place to purchase Halal Meat for your home or business then using our range of filters will help identify the nearest Local Halal Provider near you. 

Our team call and speak to the owners of every business listed. Where they are Halal Certified we make clear reference and maintain all information such as who the Halal Authority is and the date of expiry of the Halal Certificate. Where they are not Halal Certified we make every effort to identify a Self Managed  or Halal Suitable business. If a business is clearly identified as Non Halal (Haram or Mashbooh) we will make every effort to ensure that they are not listed. We invite everyone to be vigilant and make every effort to confirm Halal Status in person at the time of purchasing.

Our online filters help identify suitable Halal Meat Providers across all main Australian Cities. So if you are in Perth looking for a suitable Halal Lamb provider then our directory is a great way to start. If you are wanting to find a Local Halal Supplier of Hand Slaughtered Chicken our directory is the right place to start.