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Eid Mubarak Perth for 2021

As Perth continues through the challenges of 2021 the diversity of this city stands tall. It really does not matter where you go in Western Australia you will always find yourself standing in wonderment at the natural beauty of this state, its abundant resources and meandering roads can easily lose you in some of the most inhospitable countries all the while mesmerising you with its stunning colours and natural wonders.

So as the nearly 400k Western Australian Muslim Community members celebrate Ramadan 2021. We wanted to celebrate some of the old and new favourites of the Perth Halal Diner. We also wanted to take a moment to give support to those Restaurants that have taken the greatest leap of faith and launched into the Perth Market during the challenges of lockdowns and Covid.

Introducing some exciting new Halal Restaurants that have stepped in to fill the hole left by the closure of so many quality venues that fell to the carnage of the last year. Focusing on the positive and excited by the wonderful flavours that these new Restaurants bring to the Perth Landscape.

The Roti King (Halal Suitable) - This is a Restaurant that delivers an amazing Fusion of Traditional Sub Continent spices and tastes with the wonderful flavours of Mauritius! Delivering a flavour to be enjoyed. Located centrally in Perth City, just off St Georges Terrace, you will find a place well worth taking the time to enjoy.

The team at The Roti King have been operating for just over a year now and embraced the challenges of COVID with fresh vigour and enthusiasm. Enduring the challenges by standing on the shoulders of quality meals, good portions and priced to be a great value. The Menu is small by comparison to many others and this is what makes The Roti King a stand out. You can easily find an option to suit any diet whether vegetarian or a curry lover. Our favourite dish was the Hyderabadi Biryani which is so hard to find in Perth.

The Roti King was recently nominated for several Categories with the Halal Food Awards for 2021. Congratulations for achieving so much in such a short time.

Antep Mengal (Halal Certified) has fast established itself as the best Turkish Restaurant in Perth. This family-owned business launched in mid-2020 and has risen to the challenge to strive ahead with the Charcoal Flame Cooked options.

The team at Antep have always welcomed diners to their humble Restaurant and make every effort to deliver meals in a timely manner, with great flavours that represent the Turkish Region with splendour. The smell of the spices being prepared then cooked over an open flame just make your mouth water with anticipation of the meal and when it is delivered to you the wait was worth every mouthful.

The Gozleme is made from some of the freshest ingredients and is on par with what you would expect from the street markets of Istanbul. If you have had the opportunity of visiting that city you will find the combination of flavours and smells found at Antep as step back down memory lane.

The Antep Mengal was nominated for the Halal Food Awards in Categories of Best Value, Best Turkish Restaurant and Best Meat Lover Restaurant.

Maroosh Restaurant is located in Ascot nestled on the idyllic foreshores of the majestic Swan River as she meanders along the journey past a Restaurant that has established itself as a quality Lebanese Restaurant. With its very own Musallah facility at the restaurant and serving nothing but Halal Food for you, it is worth experiencing for any occasion with family or friends.

With a number of promotions always happening to encourage diners the Iftar and Eid Celebrations are worth the short trip to enjoy. The Maroosh Restaurant is a dining experience with great facilities to enjoy the view while savouring each meal. All freshly prepared with some of Western Australia's best ingredients you can be assured that every plate put before you has been tested by the flavours of time.

The Maroosh Restaurant was nominated for the Halal Food Awards in Categories of Best Lebanese Restaurant, Best Fine Dining, Best Traditional Meal and many others (they picked up 8 Nominations!!)


Many people will be experiencing the day by spending it reflecting on the time ahead and challenges to be put before them by attending the local Mosque, Mushallah or Prayer facility. Within the Perth City area, there are a number of such facilities scattered throughout the city.

Northbridge Mosque located at 427 William St, Perth is the oldest and most established of Perth Mosques and is conveniently located just a short stroll away from the bustling hub of Northbridge Precinct. There are facilities for Wahdu and separate facilities for the Men and Women who attend. The Mosque is open for each Salah session throughout the day. For those that want something more conveniently located to the city then Perth City Mushallah manages prayer facilities throughout the city. One such place to Salah is Suite No. 3, 101 Murray St. Due to COVID restrictions, this is open only for Dhuhur and Ashar Salah with a restriction of 40 people to each session. Important to note that there are no Wahdu facilities and people attending are asked to bring their own prayer mats. When the opportunity presents itself whether for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner there are some strong culinary delights available that will satisfy taste buds searching for any wonderful flavour's to share with family and friends.

Perth City Council has coordinated with Australia's leading online Halal Food Directory to identify some wonderful dining options. Some have even made available a range of exclusive promotions and features available to support dining with family and friends during the Holy month of Ramadan 2021.

When talking to the local community of Perth there is one Halal Venue that stands out as always active and in everyone's top 5 choices... Karache by Sani...delivering an experience to be had by everyone that is craving for something closer to the flavours of home for lunch or early dinner before Maghrib. When dining here you can be expected to enjoy each serving with the utmost pleasure. Sani prepares all the food fresh daily and it is cooked nearby so while you sit huddled in your corner of Karache by Sani being drawn to the mouth-watering flavours coming from the Kitchen (just like at home). Then let the staff serve you large portions from the buffet-style available or just order something straight from the menu. The one thing you can be sure of is that every mouthful is rejoicing with the taste of home cooking served locally.

Yet if what you are looking for is something more refined away from the bustling city of Perth then there are some wonderful options to consider.

Firewater Grille at Duxton Hotel is one of Perth's Premier Halal dining experiences. Head Chef Aaron and his team make sure that your dining experience is met with the highest of standards. If you are searching for more than just quality food and want the whole experience and atmosphere, then the Firewater Grille delivers just that. You can enjoy high-quality meats sourced from local Halal suppliers for breakfast, lunch, dinner and high tea. The meals are prepared with the greatest of detail to ensure that you experience nothing but the best.

Mai is a reviewer with Halal Food Australia.


Halal Food delivers an online Directory experience that provides a unique rating and review system for a wonderful selection of Halal Restaurants across Perth and Australia. With a commitment to identifying Halal Certified Venues and Halal Suitable Venues to cater to the Halal Consumer. Halal Food also provides access to a list of suitable Halal Meat Outlets and a growing range of Halal Products that are available in mainstream supermarkets of Perth and other cities across Australia.

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