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More than just a logo...

Updated: May 14, 2021

More than just words it ties cultures through food. Our logo represents cultures and the importance of Traditional Custodians of Australia.
Halal Food Logo

Australia is an exciting country with a history extending beyond the last 200 years to the First Nation’s people.

The communities of the traditional custodians maintained strong connection to the land, the flora, the animals and within social values. As the population within Australia grew and the borders opened to settlers from abroad calling Australia home the country changed. Cities and Towns started to rise from the traditional abundant hunting and gathering grounds. These Cities attracted people from all quarters of the world. Bringing with them a diversity in customs, skills, languages, and food.

The team at Halal Food wanted to maintain a connection to our country and history. It is important to identify to the diverse cultures and the traditional custodians of the land.

Halal Food launched our new Brand recently and felt it was important to give an overview of the wonderful work that our designer made in successfully portraying the traditional custodians but also the amazing landscape of Australia.

So let us share a moment with you to give you an outline on what our Brand means to us….

Australia is an isolated country that has some of the most unique Animals, Flora and Landscapes in the World. From our Great Barrier Reef to the Rain forests of Queensland to the Central Deserts of Northern Territory or the expansive Golden beach coastline of Western Australia. When people think of Australia, they identify our Island with a connection to the Traditional Landowners. The colour often signifying our country is Ochre. So, we utilised this colour with a shading effect from the darker colours to the lighter golden sand colours found throughout Australia.

When we consider the Cultural values of the Traditional Landowners often images of dot artwork are recalled - this is represented with great effect to a “Meeting Place” where a series of dots form a circle. The Meeting Place signifies a place of value to the custodians of the land it can be a ceremonial place, or it can be a place to gather, eat and share storytelling. It was important to maintain a connection not only to our Country but also to our Traditional Landowners and the value placed in maintaining strong connection to the land through its food so we integrated the dots. The dots that appear at the top of the logo is to pay homage to the ongoing relationship and welcoming spirit towards foreigners to Australia. It is to honour the traveler as a guest to this great country and to help welcome all cultures together in the spirit of inclusiveness, embrace and understanding for a new Australia.

Traditional Landowners would collect food in preparation for meals using carved containers often known as Coolamons. The name varied from tribal regions, but the purpose remained the same a way to collect food for preparation and eating. By using the image of Coolamons, we are maintaining a connection between the Cultural History of Australia and the Diverse Culture of today through Food.

Halal is more than just a way to reference food it simply means permissible. Referring to food that can be eaten not just by Muslims but all people. We avoided Arabic calligraphy as we wanted to identify the Halal Consumer to represent the diversity of the Australian population. It is a way of life for many and it is respectful of the laws and cultures of our country. A Halal Consumer is from Australia and has connections to this great land.

Halal Food is about being inclusive of all people regardless of where they come from or what they believe in. It is about the Food, the Flavours and the culturally rich experiences that we all bring to the table together.


(December 2020)

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