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Antep Mangal

The first restaurant in Perth ever to do the variety of Turkish traditional food's such as Charcoal Shish Kebab(Adana, Chicken Shish, Lamb Shish Pide, Gozleme, Pizza and Doner Kebabs

602 Beufort St, Mt Lawley

(08) 6162 6228

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As a new Restaurant that opened up not that long ago. The team at Antep Mangal approached the market with great effort and enthusiasm. Antep Mangal is with a new fit out and everything is fresh. The dining area is relaxing and open so there is plenty of places to sit down either to enjoy your meal alone or with family and friends. The open flame fire is always on and cooking meals so there is the gentle smell of spices and flavours always washing over you while your waiting for the next meal to be served to you. The seared Tomatoes and Peppers are always a great throwback to traditional styles and when mixed with your food it just kicks the taste buds.

Antep Mangal

Just a short trip outside of Perth in the trendy Restaurant precinct of Beufort St, Mt Lawley is an exciting new Turkish Restaurant. Delivering an exciting range of traditional flavoured meals cooked over an open Charcoal Flame. They have something for everyone from the Traditional Gozleme, Pide and Kebabs to the more Australian Flame cooked T-Bone Steaks (or Lamb). The team from Antep Mangal are unique in that they provide more than just take away Kebab's.. they give you everything expected from flavours of Turkey.

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Antep Mangal Pizza


The fresh ingredients served up on the pizza were wonderful in size and easy to enjoy. Plenty of cheese and meat! We had this as an entree to share...



Antep Mangal Food.jpg


We had to enjoy the Adana but added an extra Chicken Kebab to it. The seared Peppers and Tomatoes on bed of fresh salad added to the tastes...



Pide Garlic.jpg

Pide Cheese & Egg

A freshly cooked Pide drizzled with plenty of Cheese and Egg only helped us to enjoy the meal more...




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