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Capricho Grill Perth

Capricho is about FLAVOURS! We served Spanish inspired Flame-grilled free-range chicken, burgers, wraps, burritos, and bowls.

Raine Square, 300 Murray Street, Perth

0448 550 137

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Located at Raines Square in the heart of Perth City is located a relaxing place to enjoy the Spanish Flavours that are hard to find in Perth. Just take the escalator down from the Coles Store and to your right will be Capricho Perth. The menu covers plenty of options and the ability to choose the heat of spices to your meal only add to the tastes!  Made from fresh local ingredients and with Halal Chicken supplied the meals deliver great value for the Halal Consumer.

Capricho Grill Perth

Our chickens are basted with Signature homemade habanero sauces. How Picante can you handle?
Nos vemos en capricho :)

औसत रेटिंग है 3 5 में से, पर आधारित 150 वोट, Members rated this outlet..

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Capricho Chicken Salad.jpg

Spanish Bowl

Wonderful combination of Chicken Tenderloins on a bed of fresh vegetables, drizzled with wonderful sauces



Capricho Burger3.jpg

Capricho Burger

Large burger with double breast and grilled peppers. Of note is the option to dress a range of sauces into it for real quick



Capricho Grilled Wings.jpg

Fried Wings

The basted sauces give a real flavour to the tender wings. Upgrade the wings to a meal for real value...You even have the option on sauces and cooking style.




हमारे पास अभी यहाँ दिखाने के लिए कोई उत्पाद नहीं है।

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