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Halal Certification

Halal Authorities within Australia are recognised by Peak Halal Authorities in many parts of the Globe.
For Export purposes requiring Halal Certification compliance is Federal Government Regulated. With supply into many regions such as UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan


Regions supported by Australian Halal Suppliers

Halal Wholesale Services

The team at Halal Food Australia understand that during these challenging times that reliable Supply Chain is critical.

We have launched our Wholesale service to assist Manufacturer's, Production Facilities and Retail Chains throughout the world to access the best of Halal Products from Australia. Our business model means that you now can have an extension to your company on the ground in Australia to ensure that the quality, product and price is delivered to you every time.

With a detailed database of over 2000 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Primary Manufacturers, Abattoirs, Processing Plants and Suppliers we are able to easily identify, contact, negotiate and facilitate an end to end solution that works within your budget. The Australian Supply Chain is well regulated by Federal and State Laws that enforce the highest quality of products every time.

The Halal Authorities within Australia are recognised by peak Halal Authorities throughout the Globe

So if its Halal Red Meat Products, Seafood or Raw Ingredients for Pharmaceutical or the Cosmetic Industry the wholesale team can deliver the best options to you every time.

It does not matter if your a small local store owner or large Retail Outlet operator the commitment to you remains the same.  We are committed to ensuring that your experience is easy and seamless to give you access to the best Premium Products of Australia.

Halal Wholesale Services
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Our Committment to you...

When you need a reliable, cost effective way to source and deliver on quality Halal Products from Australia then consider how the team from Halal Food can assist you.​ We operate under a Service Charter.

Halal Food Australia our Wholesale Service Charter:

Our Commitment to you as a Customer is as follows

  • We won't waste your time

  • Our Team do not engage in unethical behaviour or arrangements.

  • We do not accept commission, rebates or "In Kind" Payments for facilitating agreements or orders

  • Our Team are compensated by an agreed Margin on Orders or one off Annual Membership Fee 

  • Our Team is bound by Australian Federal and State Corporate Laws

  • Our Team is bound by Australian Privacy and Data Regulations

  • Our Team is bound by Australian Food Standards and Regulations

  • Our Team provide access to only Halal Certified Supply Chain (100%).

  • Our Team actively monitor and review the Halal Certification of all providers within the Supply Chain

  • Our Team Inspect and Monitor all Production sites with any variations or market intelligence shared through our portal

  • Quality Control Australia. Our Team monitor and review compliance to Australian Food Standards and Regulations.

  • Quality Control Overseas Market. Our Team monitor and review to ensure compliance to the required Food Standards and Regulations of the seller market.

  • Certified and Licence Export Compliance. All required paperwork to accompany product shipment to be clearly documented and compliant to Government Regulations and Standards (Outbound and Inbound)

  • Best of Practice Packaging utilised to ensure maximum ROI and reduce loss of product integrity

  • Maintain full Transparency in all transactions that occur for Customers

  • Clear and Effective Communication 100% of the time.

  • Access to Product through our interactive Wholesale Product Listing (99.95% Uptime)

  • Measurable KPI and Milestones agreed either in writing for Total Supply or on a Per Order basis

  • Cost Effective Solutions for Freight including Air Freight, Chilled Container Shipping or Frozen Container Shipping. 

  • All contracts are protected under Commercial in Confidence status and will not be disclosed or shared with any third parties outside of the Authorised Customer representative and our Team

Your commitment to us (what we expect from you as a customer)

  • Be respectful and engage in meaningful discussions to assist us in identifying your full requirements

  • To be open and forthcoming about all requirements for Products (including any Quality considerations etc)

  • To be open and forthcoming about pricing and budget considerations

  • To act in good faith towards negotiating Supply Orders and Agreements 

  • To meet all payment milestones as agreed (including any local tax or government regulated fees)

  • To ensure that all supplied products are made available to Consumers compliant to local Laws and Regulations at the highest standards

  • To ensure that all products are properly stored and transported domestically to ensure compliance to Health regulations

  • To properly market all products identifying Australia as the Country of Origin and the Halal Status as Certified

  • To properly direct all enquiries relating to the product to the Halal Food Support Portal.

  • Will not disclose Commercially Sensitive Information with any party outside of the Customer and Halal Food Team

Our Committment...
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Halal Red Meat Products

We are able to assist with enquiries for a broad range of Australian Red Meat Products for Domestic and Export markets requiring access to suitable Halal Certified meats including


Full range of cuts from Beef, Veal, Lamb, Mutton, Deer, Venison, Goat, Camel, Water Buffalo, Equine


With access to specific types of Red Meat such as

  • Australian Black Angus 

  • Australian Premier Angus

  • SR2,SR4 Premium Grass Fed

  • Organic Grass Fed/ Grain Fed

  • Wagyu

  • Shabu Shabu

  • Retail Ready Pack Mince

  • Retail Ready Pack Sausages (Standard or Customised)

  • Retail Ready Pack Hamburgers

Our team is able to seek quotes for any sized order for any market from multiple Primary Suppliers. We engage directly with identified suitable Abattoirs, Processing Plants and negotiate requirements in confidence for you. Our team can deliver a seamless solution without the headaches of dealing with agent or wholesalers or distributors. We will be a partner through the process with you.

Halal Red Meat Products

Halal Poultry for supply to Australian restaurants or Export Wholesale overseas

If you are looking to identify range of Hand Slaughtered Chicken or other options  then our team can assist with the end to end solution of large quantities of Poultry Products suitable for regular supply to Domestic market or for larger distribution into Overseas Markets.​

  • Chicken  (Domestic & Export Markets)

  • Turkey  (Domestic & Export Markets)

  • Duck  (Domestic & Export Markets)

  • Full Range of Whole or Portion Products (Domestic & Export Markets)

  • Full Range of Marinade Portion Product (Domestic Market Only)

  • Full Range of Custom Poultry Products  (Domestic & Export Markets)

  • Poultry Offal such as Hearts, Liver, Feet etc  (Domestic & Export Markets)

Halal Poultry
Aerial View of Farm

Halal Pastries & Pies (Wholesale Domestic Markets Only)

If you are operating an outlet within Australia and want to access quality products that are sourced from Halal Suppliers locally then consider contacting us for the opportunity of discussing your requirements.

We can assist in identifying suitable Manufacturer's that have the capabilities and commitment to service your needs.

Pastries freshly prepared locally and delivered daily to your outlet - hassle free and easy to manage.  A strong supply chain becomes an asset to your business and enables you to operate a key revenue stream for your business, one that typically has lower operational costs as little or no time spent to prepare or cook a wonderful range of Pastries and Pie.

Out team can assist you with a wonderful range of Award Winning Halal Options to consider

Camel Pie

Water Buffalo Pie

Sausage Rolls

Beef Pies



All available in single serve size or family size portions. 

The Halal Food team will assist in delivering a solution to support your business regardless of where you are located within Australia.

Halal Pastries & Pies

Halal Australian Products ready for your Store...

Australia has established itself as a reliable supplier of regulated quality products for consumers worldwide. Our team engage with primary manufacturers across Australia that are eager to access markets both Domestically and Overseas. 

So if you business requires quality products sourced directly from Manufacturers within Australia then consider how the team at Halal Food can assist you.

Often we can establish a clear understanding of the market requirements that are established within your region and will submit a list of suitable products for consideration. We then assist with the process to ensure a complete Solution takes place from Production, Quality Control, Auditting , Paperwork and Freight to your door.

Range of Products that we can assist with includes:


  • Halal Ice Cream (Gluten Free, Vegan Suitable, Halal Certified)

  • Halal Health & Nutrition Products (Multivitamins to Natural Medicines)

  • Halal Australian Honey Products 

  • Halal Baby Products

  • Halal Sourced Ingredients (Bulk Product orders for Production runs)

  • Halal Snacks

  • Halal Confectionery

Our team have the expertise and knowledge to deliver quality products to support your business.

Halal Products...
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