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Discovering Halal Food in Australia

Recent Products Added...


Halal Mobile Application

Launching April 2024

Alhamduilillah!! The team at Halal Foods are preparing to launch the Halal Food Application to market available for Android and Apple user

Halal Compendium

Website Update

April 2024

With so many products in the Australian market and with so many wonderful Restaurants it is important to make changes to enhance the SEO and Promotion for 2024

Red Chairs

Halal Food Awards 2024

Nominations Open

Nominate your favourite Restaurants, Cafes, Butchers for the 2024 Halal Food Awards with winners of each category being announced in November 2024

Find Halal Restaurants near you...

Looking for a Halal Suitable place to dine?

The team from Halal Food deliver a way for you to find the right Halal place to eat with ease.

Here you can find a place that suits your needs with our feature able to identify Restaurants with "no Alcohol service" or "no Pork on the Menu" or just matched to your budget needs.

We even provide a review and rating feature to help you

Halal Food Sydney

Craving a special Halal Dish?

With so many wonderful places to experience the range of Halal Food available in Australia.

Now you can search for the right Halal place to dine at that meets your cravings!

So if you are looking for the best Halal Briyani in Melbourne or wanting to enjoy the best Halal Indonesian Restaurant in Perth... Halal Food allows you to easily identify the right place to dine at based on what your are craving.

Halal Meal being prepared in Australia

Halal Products...

Finding Halal Suitable or Halal Certified products in Australia can be challenging.

Our Halal Product Directory manage a list of over 8,000 products to help consumers needing to identify and access Halal Products locally .

Now you can easily search by Product Name, Manufacturer or even list of Halal Suitable products available at your local Supermarket.With many categories of Halal products available to assist you.

Halal Products in Supermarket

Halal Meat...

If you are looking for quality local suppliers of Halal Meat for your family.


Then our Halal Meat Directory allows you to easily identify quality Halal Butchers or Meat Suppliers near you.

If you are searching for Halal Lamb, Halal Beef or Hand Slaughtered Halal Chicken then you can search for local Halal  Meat suppliers right for you. With over 300 Quality Halal Meat Suppliers across Australia from Sydney to Darwin we have you sorted.

Halal Steak in Australia

Halal Dinnerbox...

If you are wanting regular Halal meals delivered to your door for Lunch or Dinner.

Our Halal Dinnerbox service allows for you to access range of quality Halal Meals delivered to your door direct from wonderful range of participating Halal Restaurants in your city.

Dinnerbox feature works to support the Halal needs of Tourists, Students even people in Quarantine who need to access Halal Meals on a regular basis within a budget.

Halal Meal being prepared

Halal Wholesale Service

The Halal Food Team have worked with Manufacturer's from across Australia to identify suitable products for the local and export markets.

If you need to access a Halal Supply for your Restaurant, Production Facility, Establishment or Supermarket.  We can help your enquiry.


Overseas markets access Australian Manufacturer's because of the Quality Control and High Standards applied in our products during uncertain times.

Packaging Factory
Casual Restaurant

Recommended Restaurants

The team at Halal Food just sharing some of our favourite places to eat when we are out and about Australia. So if in a rush and just wanted to try something new consider enjoying some of the good food we enjoy....

Some of our Reviews...

"Having experienced the tastes before I am always amazed at the consistent level of quality in what they serve...


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