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Guest Listing

Saffron Indian Gourmet

Mantra Sierra Grand, Surf Parade, Broadbeach

(07) 5538 9291

From the moment you walk through the door allow yourself to be welcomed by our warm staff and the enticing aroma of simmering herbs and spices. Offering both comforting classics and exotic modern creations, our staff will match your preferred tastes to our tantalising menu selections. Featuring an assortment of only the freshest ingredients from local markets and authentic Indian spices, our chefs suffuse traditional recipes with their own creative flair.

This Venue is a Guest Listing...

When a Venue is a "Guest Listing" we give no undertaking to the following:

  • Halal Status

  • Food Service

  • Cuisine

  • Facility Rating

  • Value Rating

  • Alcohol Rating

Guest Listings provide only Basic information and we encourage all members to make enquiries before dining to properly inform themselves to the Halal Status and whether it is a suitable option for your own dining needs.

Upgrade your Listing today...

Upgrading your Outlets from a Guest Listing is easy and gives your business a number of benefits...

  • Greater Information able to be presented to represent your venue

  • Enhanced Filter Features (Multiple Cuisine, Ratings etc)

  • Ability to list a number of images and video streams

  • Integration into Social Media (facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc)

  • Halal Status is verified and listed to members

  • We arrange a Reviewer to attend to rate
    (Facility, Food, Budget and Value) 


  • Gain access to our Interactive Map Feature
    (members are able to get direction to your door)


  • Integrated Order Online, Reservation and many other features

  • Exclusive access to Events and Promotions

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