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Welcome to Halal Food Australia: is Australia's leading total Halal Food Directory. We are an Australian owned company with strong Islamic Values as a family owned business we are committed to support our travelling Brothers and Sisters on our shores.


The Team at are committed to supporting Local Australian Restaurants, Cafes, Food Outlets and Shops that are Halal suitable. We understand the difference between being Halal Certified, Halal Friendly and the importance of your values while dining.

At we wanted to give you the right information to help you find the most suitable place to eat while here. So we have a clear rating and review system in place that will give you easy access to the information you need.

With the diversity of the Australian Culture we deliver a strong blend of Cuisine Styles that reflect World Regions and Tasteful delights that stand out to encourage Travelers to our shores.  Local Patrons are fortunate to experience the best of many countries in our cities in a single day. Whether you are fortunate to enjoy the hidden gems that exist in the quite side alleys of Melbourne or just enjoy the hustle of Sydney bustling cityscape or maybe you just want to find that tasty dish that will remind you of home...

The team at want to be a part of your journey and your experience while in Australia in a positive way.

So if you are experiencing a holiday with Family & Friends in Melbourne or on a Business Trip in Sydney travelling away from home. Let assist you in finding the right place to eat. "Halal Food" in Australia is a growing part of the evolving market around us. With more restaurants, cafes, food outlets and even Manufacturer's taking steps to be Halal Certified and Compliant.

In Australia there are several Organisations that have the Authority to assess applications and to issue Halal Certifications. Sometimes its just not so easy to stay up to date as to the Status of that Certification or to Welcome new Venues to Halal way.

We want to ensure that while travelling in Australia that the needs of the Muslim Diner is taking care of. We wanted to bring a range of suitable Halal Food outlets from across Australia to you.


Now your able to search for the right place to dine for based on your  City, Cuisine Style, Budget and even location to the local Mosque's.

This site was created in 2019 to provide a service to those people that are travelling throughout Australia and are wanting to experience the culturally rich diversity of Halal Food available to you.

Australia is a modernised hub within the Asia and Oceania regions. We are fortunate to embrace cultures from across the world to our shores and recognise the value that cultural diversity brings to Australia.

What better way to experience our Culture, our country than through our food. Halal food in Australia can be difficult to find but now its one click away.....

Those Restaurants, Cafes, Stores, Shops and Producers that are listed here are Verified by our team. So you can have confidence that when a listing states Halal - it is Halal. Our rating system makes it easier for the Modest Muslim Traveller to easily identify suitable places to eat with your family, friends on by yourself.

This means that when you eat at a listed business on our site you can be assured that it is Halal Certified or is able to meet the standards of Halal (such as Vegeatarian or Seafood Restaurants).

We wanted to bring to the traveller, holidaymaker the opportunity to enjoy the finest food in a location near you.




"I love my food. Having grown up on the simple flavours I can enjoy the challenging palates experienced with Asian Spices. why settle for tomatoe sauce when you can have Sambal!!"


"Sometimes taking a moment to just sit back and appreciate the foods with friends and family is a great way to enjoy the moment of it all. Appreciating every last piece...empty plates are a compliment..."


"Lets face it - I don't have to enjoy the same food as everyone else but that doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy the food I like even more!..."

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