Recommended Halal Restaurants in Australia

The Team from Halal  Food wanted to put forward our favourite spots to eat Halal food while in Australia. Now we understand that there a plenty of wonderful places but for a start we wanted to kick off this page with a small list of our own local favourites.

So if your wanting to find a Halal Restaurant or Halal Cafe that has something a little extra or different but maintains the requirements of Halal Food then feel free to follow our recommendations here.


Naturally as we find more places worth mentioning we will be sure to update here.

Halal Food In Melbourne is a reflection of the Cultures within that Vibrant City. The boutique Halal Restaurants scattered around inner city of Melbourne are a testament to the strong Halal Community that exists to support Diners with consideration to the Halal Needs.

Halal Food in Sydney is traditional in tastes with well established pockets of Halal Restaurants along Bankstown, Sydney City, or even out to Balmain and Parramatta. The important thing when considering Halal Restaurants in Sydney is that you can expect quality Halal Food with traditional strong flavours reflecting Arabic, Mediterranean of Halal Asian cuisines. 

Halal Food in Perth is fast establishing itself as a "bridge" among cultures. With a growing base of African, Asian, Sub Continent and Arabic population you will find that Halal Food in Perth is growing quickly to meet the demands of the Tourist and Local Population. Often spread across suburbs you will easily find quality and affordable Halal Food Options in Perth City, Victoria Park, Mirrabooka, Tuart Hill, Cannington, Thornlie, Southern River and Morley. There are plenty of Regional Events and Food Truck Nights to give you that unexpected access to Halal home style cooking. The strength of Halal Food in Perth is drawn by the Fusion of fresh Local Australian Ingredients with the Spices, Herbs and Styles from around the world.


Angry Chicken


This place serves up the best Karachi Style Biryani in Perth. It is a family owned business that is focussed on delivering quality Biryani. The team put Angry Chicken as one of our go to places for great Traditional food and if you just want a fast kebab, burger or chicken they can help you out there as well.


The CharGrill Masters

Meat Lovers

Lets face it sometimes all you want is just a great big serving of food that delivers flavour and value for the hard earned dollars. Some of the team from Halal Food eat regularly at CharGrill Masters


The Sarapan


The Sarapan is one of our favourite spots for Breakfast. Its full of character and if you avoid the lineup then snap up the tasty (and challenging) "The Big Sarapan" - a monster of a breakfast dish that will surely lay to rest any hunger for the big day ahead. Couple it up with Teh Tarik and your set for the day...


C Restaurant

Fine Dining

C Restaurant is a Fine Dining Experience that takes place elevated above Perth. Located on Level 33 of St George's Terrace you will enjoy open views in Perth's only rotating Restaurant. Which will highlight the expanses of Perth from the Ocean Views of Cottesloe through to the Hills of distant Gwellup. All the while enjoying fine Halal Cuisine prepared carefully by the team. A memorable experience.


Karache by Sani


There are few places that really make you feel at home. It's a combination of food that reminds you of a time sitting with family around a table sharing stories of the day. All the while enjoying the flavours of fresh tasty cooking. ​ Noorsani and his team at Karache Cafe make a real effort for you to enjoy home style cooking. Where you can relax and just enjoy the moment and share your experiences...