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Do you know a suitable Outlet that is Halal in your area?

Make a referral here and if they join us you can be rewarded with a Coupon up to..


Make a Referral..

The Team at are always working hard to find suitable Restaurants, Cafes, Shops, Food Outlets and Manufacturer's that provide Food, Drink and services to those that are needing the requirements of Halal Status to be met.

From Statistics captured from Tourism Australia we are experiencing a growth in Tourism that is resulting in an estimated 2.3 Million Muslim tourists per year who spend over $8.5 Billion a year while staying in Australia for an average of 40 days. They have an average spend of nearly $5,000.


So that means that if you own a business , have a family or a friend that wants to access the Travelling Muslim then why not consider referring them to us?

When you fill in the form below we will contact them and discuss with them the process of setting their Business up with If the referral you made does join us, Alhamdulillah, then not only have you supported your referred business, you have supported the local community, you have supported our growth and you have supported those that are travelling looking for a suitable place to eat.

As thanks for the referral. If they join us you can make a choice:

  1. Donation of $20 to the Local Mosque

  2. Donation of $20 to a suitable Muslim Community Group

  3. Donation of $20 to a Community Project

  4. Receive a $20 Coupon to spend at an online store.

  5. $20 Discount off your Listed Rating

For example:

If you make 5 Referrals to us and the 5 Join and you selected Donation to Local Mosque - then we will make an anonymous Donation of $100 ($20 x 5) to the local Mosque of your choice.

f you make 5 Referrals to us and the 3 Join and you selected Donation to Community Project - then we will make an anonymous Donation of $60 ($20 x 3) to the local Mosque of your choice.

f you make 3 Referrals to us and the 2 Join and you selected to receive a Coupon - then we will forward a Coupon to your registered email address of $40 ($20 x 2) that can be spent at an online store.

MashAllah for considering supporting our service to the Travelers to our shores. InsyAllah we will be fortunate to continue to grow and support those searching for a suitable place to eat and rest while on their travels.

Team from Halal Food Australia

Make a Referral..



We have received your referral and will follow up to introduce ourselves to them.


We have sent an email to you.

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