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Mobile App - 2022

Due to the huge success of the EST Feature we are moving towards a Mobile App that will be loaded with many exciting tools to help members...

Important Update: (Coming in 2022)
This feature is moving to a Mobile app that will be enabled with many features such as Barcode scanning, Licence Numbers and many more enhancements. To assist us in keeping this great feature free we are asking for you to consider supporting us with a small donation.. to learn more about how this great feature has worked to help the community or to make a donation just follow the link...

Establishment Numbers

The purpose of this feature is to assist people to access Halal Meat within Australia from Halal Certified suppliers.

The benefit for the Halal Consumer in identifying if a product is sourced from a Halal Certified Processing Plant is a tool to assist informing you. The choice on whether to purchase a product and its Halal Suitability is your own. We ask that everyone inform themselves to their own satisfaction with regards to every purchase made and its Halal Suitability.

An Establishment number (EST) is a series of numbers applied to Meat Products distributed into the Australian Domestic and Meat Export Markets. It is a number issued by Federal and State Authorities to identify the originating Processing Plant, Boning Room, Cold Storage Facility or Distribution Centre.

Establishment Numbers are issued for the purposes of Exporting by the Australian Federal Government Department. (Dept of Agriculture, Water and the Environment). Other organisations assisting with the managing of Establishment (EST) numbers include Aus-Meat.