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Mobile App - 2023

Due to the huge success of the EST Feature we are moving towards a Mobile App that will be loaded with many exciting tools to help members...

Important Update: (June 2024)
This feature is moving to a Mobile app that will be enabled with many features such as Barcode scanning, Licence Numbers and many more enhancements. To assist us in keeping this great feature free we are asking for you to consider supporting us with a small donation.. to learn more about how this great feature has worked to help the community or to make a donation just follow the link...

Establishment Numbers

The purpose of this feature is to assist people to access Halal Meat within Australia from Halal Certified suppliers.

The benefit for the Halal Consumer in identifying if a product is sourced from a Halal Certified Processing Plant is a tool to assist informing you. The choice on whether to purchase a product and its Halal Suitability is your own. We ask that everyone inform themselves to their own satisfaction with regards to every purchase made and its Halal Suitability.

An Establishment number (EST) is a series of numbers applied to Meat Products distributed into the Australian Domestic and Meat Export Markets. It is a number issued by Federal and State Authorities to identify the originating Processing Plant, Boning Room, Cold Storage Facility or Distribution Centre.

Establishment Numbers are issued for the purposes of Exporting by the Australian Federal Government Department. (Dept of Agriculture, Water and the Environment). Other organisations assisting with the managing of Establishment (EST) numbers include Aus-Meat.

It is important to note that Domestic Meat (Red Meat and Poultry) providers
are not required to apply or hold an Establishment number

Establishment Numbers are issued to a specific Site. If the company that the Establishment Number was issued to changes address, changes name, changes conditions etc. Then it is required to apply for another Establishment Number.

Establishment Numbers are easily identified as a "stamp" number on the section of meat or included on the label.

By viewing the Establishment Number you are identifying the Originating Source of that cut of meat.


It is a tool to assist in the tracking of quality and safety control measures both overseas and locally.

Establishment Numbers
Halal Sign
Search Feature
Sorry that EST is not recognised at the moment

This Site has appeared in US and Canadian markets with Halal Logo. We have not been able to identify the Supplier or the Halal Authority and ask that you send an image of any product to our team for verification.

Until such time as the Supplier or Halal Authority is recognise we would recommend caution when considering products from this Supplier.


Meat Types

Halal Status:

Halal Authority:


Submit New EST...
EST Halal?

Know of a Meat Product that is Halal Certified & available in your local supermarket then submit the EST and Details for our team to confirm then list here if Halal Certified.

Barakah will be with you for helping your Brothers and Sisters...

  • How do you Monitor the Halal Status of your listings?
    There are two type of Listings provided to assist people in finding a suitable Halal Provider. 1. Premium Listings 2. Standard Listings Premium Listing Providers are members that support Halal Food. Our team will conduct a site visit, have a discussion with the Provider with regards to the range of products that they provide and most importantly we assess Halal Suitability. If they have an issued Halal Certificate our team willsight the Halal Certificate where the Venue is not certified we discuss whether they are "Self Managed Halal" or "Halal Suitable" and make note accordingly. Our team place a note in our system identifying the Halal Authority that issued the Certificate and other information such as Type of Certificate. The Halal Status of Premium Listings has been confirmed by our team. Standard Listing Providers are located with basic features and information at the bottom of search results. These members have been contacted by our team but may not had a site visit conducted, we have asked for confirmation of Halal Certification and who the Halal Authority is but have not confirmed or seen the Certificate. Halal Food give no undertaking or guarantees with regards to the Halal Status of Standard Listings. We ask for anyone using a Standard Listing Venue for providing Halal Products to be active in asking or confirming the Halal Status. We ask thave everyone make enquiries to inform themselves of Halal Status or suitability of a provider before placing an order. Though we make every effort to identify suitable venues there are circumstances that change outside of our control.
  • Does Halal Food issue Halal Certificates?
    No. The team at Halal Food are committed to providing access to quality information. We do not issue Halal Certificates. We understand that there are a number of suitably qualified people that work in the Halal Certification Field across Australia that have the knowledge and experience with regards to issuing Halal Certificates. We do not question the process or the Halal Authorities that issue the Certificates. We are happy to assist any Restaurant, Cafe or Business that is interested in the Halal Certification Process by introducing them to suitable Halal Authorities based on information they provide to us. This is a free service and we do not charge for it.
  • What can I find on the Halal Meat page ?
    Our team travel across Australia and we are fortunate to be experiencing the diversity of products that are supplied by Halal Meat Providers. Finding a quality Halal Meat Provider in Sydney or Melbourne can be easier than finding a suitable Halal Meat Provider in Adelaide or Darwin. The Muslim population accounts for a growing number within Australia spread across the country whether remote Australia or Mainstream Cities. It is our aim to provide a service to assist them. So if you are travelling in Adelaide and want to buy Halal Meat to prepare at home we can help you. One of the biggest issues often confronted by a shopper requiring access to Halal Meat is identifying a suitable place to buy quality meat from that is Halal Certified. Many local's have an established relationship with the local Halal Butcher or Halal Meat Shop and these can be hidden away in smaller shopping precincts. ​ We wanted to help by providing an interactive search filter that will allow you to easily identify suitable Halal Certified Meat providers located near you. Our filters will allow for searching by Name, By Product Type (Chicken Wings? no problems...), By Halal Standard (Hand Slaughered?... we have that covered). The important thing is that now we are able to provide to you an easy access to the right information to help you find the best quality Halal Meat of your choice locally near you. ​ Whether you are looking at identifying suitable Halal Meat Providers for the family weekly budget or if you are looking at identifying a suitable Halal Meat Provider that is wholesale to support your Restaurant. Our team will be happy to work with you.
  • Who uses Halal Meat Directory Service?
    Halal Meat provides a service to support members that have requirements to identify Halal Meat and that this is available showing information such as the location, phone number and type of Halal Meats provided. ​ The Halal Meat Providers that are participating with Halal Food can promote a range of details to members this includes Promotion Packs, Delivery Services locally, Bulk Packs, Sadaqah Packs and are active in supporting the local communities.
  • Do you list the price for the Halal Meat from the providers?
    Halal Meat has a price comparison feature that will allow for you to easily identify and compare Halal Meat providers across your local area. This will allow for you to easily identify a suitable Halal Meat provider that delivers quality Halal Meat at the price you can budget with. ​ We are active in approaching and encouraging participating Halal Meat Providers to engage our members with promotions and special packs.
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