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Halal Guide & Compendium

The team from Halal Food are always active in approaching and working to deliver list of Restaurants, Cafes and Products that are suitable for the Halal Consumer. Often we are asked for a list for offline viewing and felt it best to compile a Halal Entertainment Guide full of exciting Promotions and Discounts. We are also going to market with a detailed Halal Compendium for the Australian Consumer.

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Halal Entertainment Guide:

The Halal Entertainment Guide promotes a great range of Restaurants, Cafes and Food Outlets from across Australia for every taste or style. There are a range of activities, attractions even accommodation available to you at a considerably discounted price.


The full collection consists of each State and Territory and lists Halal Certified or Halal Suitable places offfering great savings for you. Now you can purchase either a single City Halal Entertainment Guide or the Full Collection.

The type of promotions varies from each outlet. Some offer "2 For 1" Deals while others will offer a flat discount off your total bill (sometimes up to 50% savings). All giving you a considerable saving when dining out with family or friends.

When purchasing the Halal Entertainment Guide you are also supporting Community Projects and Fundraising. As we will give sadaqa for every purchase equal to 20% of total purchase. So be sure when selecting your preorder or purchase to choose which Project you want to support.

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We are launching an exclusive "Pre Order" Special with a guaranteed low Price (including Delivery).

Now you can secure your Halal Entertainment Guide with a small holding deposit and be amongst the first to receive this exciting Guide.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Halal Entertainment Guide
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