Halal Products

With such a large number of options available to our members it becomes harder to monitor which products are Halal and Haram.

Halal Products

Halal Products contains two sections.

The first is our interactive Halal Product Directory. This is an integrated database that allows everyone needing to identity the Halal Status of a Product. We have limited products to those that are Halal Certified and Halal Suitable.  Members are able to submit Products and Review Products with our rating system. A number of Moderators assist with the frequent managing and updating of Halal Status for Products listed.

The second is our Halal Product Packs. This allows for members to purchase a range of Halal Product Packs for delivery to their door across Australia. All product packs made available are sourced from local and regional Halal Suppliers, packaged fresh and delivered to your door directly. It is our aim to make a strong fresh range of Quality Halal Products available to those needing access to halal food and products. We understand that the circumstances are different for everyone some are not able to find a reliable source of Halal Meat, while others are not able to access a regular supply of Halal Products from local supermarkets or stores. It is our aim, Insya'Allah, to bring to market an easy way to access Halal Products on any budget.

Refrigerated Goods

Halal Product Directory