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Sydney Tasty Meats

Casula Mall, 1 Ingham Dr



(02) 9601 3557

Moderator Notes:

We are home grown Australian farmers and we represent and sell products from other like-minded farmers around Australia! Being from the land ourselves we realise how hard it is to deliver good, wholesome organic meat from the farmers paddock to your plate- and especially and surprisingly to regional areas across Australia. We were approached on countless occasions by other like-minded farmers who wanted “another way” to sell their meat and hence… Sydney Tasty Meat was born! We have spent months attaining shipping and freight contracts that deliver Australia wide at a rate that wont break the bank (and still be on time!) and most importantly the meat is delivered fresh and cold to you!

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Halal beef, Halal lamb, Halal chicken, Halal Smallgoods, Halal Ribs, Halal Goat, Halal Mince

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