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Halal Pantry

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Halal Pantry is a Halal Certified Online Store that provides access to a full range of Groceries and Products all delivered locally to your door.

The team at Halal Pantry offer a discount to users who place an order online 10% Off when entering the code HalalPantry at check out

General Products

30 Mar 2022

Halal Pantry delivered to you!

Halal Pantry offers halal certified and suitable products delivered to your door.

Just order online - it's that easy!

Halal Pantry is a leading provider of quality mainstream products that can be delivered to your door no matter where you are located across Australia.

With perhaps one of the largest online range of products available to you the ability to seamlessly arrange for the purchase from the warehouse to your door makes for easier way to shop.

Shopping for groceries just got a whole lot easier.

HalalPantry offers a large selection of Halal grocery products available online. We will ship your order anywhere in the country!

Here’s how it works: You order all your groceries from the comfort of your own home. We then get right to work, packaging and sending out your order, so that you can receive the goods as swiftly as possible.

Yes - it’s that simple!

All our products have been approved by the HCA - Halal Certification Authority.

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