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Purity Vitamins
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27 May 2023

27 May 2023

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Purity Heart Vitamin E 400 IU

Halal Certified

Moderator Notes:

Not only is Purity Vitamins Halal Certified.

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Purity Heart Vitamin E 400 IU is a halal, Muslim-friendly and premium quality formula containing one-a-day dose of a vitamin E that is an antioxidant that helps support vitamin E levels in the body, helps reduce free radical damage to body cells and maintains general health and wellbeing.


D-alpha-tocopherol 268.31 mg


WARNINGS: Vitamin and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Contains soya bean products, sulfites and phenylalanine.

Manufacturer Details:

Purity Vitamins

Victoria 3150, Australia

1300 076 693

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