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Western Australia: COVID Assistance Grants (ANZAC Weekend 2021)

Updated: May 26, 2021

(Updated 26 May 2021 - COVID Assistance Grant Open)

Update: The COVID Assistance Grant for WA ANZAC Long Weekend Lockdown has now opened details are as follows:

Grant Open: 26 May 2021 (9:30am)

A PDF Lockdown Q&A is available for an outline of all Terms and Conditions relating to this grant (click here)

Over the past month, the team from Halal Food have been active in raising awareness towards the upcoming ANZAC Covid Grant that will be made available to those Restaurants, Cafes, Food Outlets and many others that were impacted by the COVID Lockdown of that time.

Empty Restaurant during Perth ANZAC Lockdown
Was your Restaurant empty on ANZAC Weekend? Assistance Grant available...

We strongly advise all our member Restaurants, Cafes, Manufacturers, Butchers, Shops, Wholesalers and Distributors to read the information below and to REGISTER their interest.

It is important when considering the way that past Grants were managed in WA (such as the WA Tourism & WA Hospitality Assistance Grants of 2020). The following:

  • These type of Grants are capped and rarely extended

  • These type of Grants have a relatively limited opportunity to apply

  • These type of Grants are often only able to be claimed for one business (though later stages have been known to happen)

  • These Grants are strictly managed on a "First Come, First Served" basis it is anticipated that 15,000 Businesses will benefit from this Grant.

  • These Grants have typically had a processing time of 3 - 4 weeks. With funds being paid into your bank between 1 - 2 months after being approved (or accepted)

  • These Grants are extremely popular and it is important to ensure that you have all supporting information in a PDF, CSV or RTF format to attach your application. As any delay in presenting information will result in your application being delayed for approval

It is a concern that historically through the COVID challenges across Australia many Small Businesses that operate as a Family business from cultural backgrounds have been disadvantaged because of the lack of information in a manner that is able to be properly understood in a language familiar to the owners.

The number of Small Businesses that were eligible for Government Grants such as Cashflow Boost, Jobkeeper, State Grants and Emergency Grants is dramatically disproportionate when considering how many Small Business exist which are owned and operated by people who have a primary language other than English.

As a result, this blog and any information we identify to assist our Members will be available in multiple languages (English, Arabic, Hindu, Urdu, Indonesian and Malay)

The Registration for "Expression of Interest" for this grant is a straight forward process of providing some basic details and does not include requirement for information relating to the loss incurred. (screenshot attached with the link to official website)

If the team from Halal Food can be of any assistance in this or any other matter relating to claiming Grants do not hesitate to contact us through our online form.

Insya'Allah this information will be of assistance to those many Small Businesses that were impacted by the Lockdown.


The Details of the COVID Assistance Grant

When? The Grants will cover the period of the ANZAC Lockdown that took place between midnight, 23 April (Midnight) 2021 and midnight 26 April 2021. This may also include subsequent restrictions that remained in place for the period after the lockdown was lifted. The following key dates are indicated by the WA Government in managing the process:

Where? This Grant will be available to all those Small Businesses that were impacted within the Perth and Peel Regions.

Who? The COVID Assistance Grants are currently being finalised and the Terms and Conditions to be applied for determining who qualifies is still being decided on. Though the following is a basic outline (current as of 6 May 2021):

  1. Must be a business based in Perth and Peel regions

  2. Eligible businesses must have an Australia-wide payroll of less than $4 million

  3. Eligible businesses must be able to demonstrate losses incurred for perishable goods, cancellations or other unforeseen costs as a result of the ANZAC Day long weekend lockdown and subsequent restrictions.

  4. As an indication on those businesses eligible (though not final) for the Grant

  • Cafés and restaurants

  • Bars, pubs, taverns and nightclubs

  • Accommodation and sightseeing

  • Health and fitness centres and gyms

  • Hairdressing and beauty services

  • Florists

  • Cinemas

  • Bakeries and catering services

  • Clubs (hospitality)

  • Specialised food retail

  • Food wholesalers

  • Creative industries and performing arts venues

  • Event equipment hire

How Much? The COVID Assistance Grant will be limited to a maximum of $2,000.


Important Links:


This information is a summary of details provided by the WA Government Website and Media Announcements. We strongly encourage Members to rely on our information as a guide during these challenging times and to ask that you rely on the official website of the WA Government which manages this Grant for more complete and detailed information.

Halal Food Team

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