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The team at Halal Food work tirelessly to ensure that your Halal Food is promoted to those locally needing access to quality food that is Halal

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Halal Food...

Register your Cafe, Restaurant with Halal Food and start promoting the quality food that you have to travellers in Australia that are searching for Halal Food.

Halal Products

Whether you are a manufacturer of consumer goods that are found in local Outlets or Mainstream Chains. Register your products here if they are Halal Compliant.

Halal Dinnerbox

Our dinnerbox is a great concept. If you are a local business that wants to provide a Halal meal to travellers within our Main Australian Cities - then register here....

Halal Tours

A range of suitable tours to support the Modest Muslim traveler. Designed to comply to the needs of the modest Muslim while ensuring the best of Australia is enjoyed


Restaurant Owner

"It was great to access an important market within the local city and seeing this grow"

Fast Food outlet

Thank you!! Finally we are seeing more people visiting us that are stopping and enjoying our happy to see them...


JazakAllah Khair, have travelled here 3 times. First 2 times were a challenge to find a suitable meal for my family and I, the 3rd time we found and enjoyed a Halal meal every time!

Food outlets..

Always looking at supporting the local business in Australia we are passionate about ensuring that your business will have the opportunity to access international, national and even local travellers who are searching for Halal Food to share with the family or by themselves

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Halal Products..

Is Australia's largest directory of Halal Products. We aim to support our members who are looking for products Australia wide. Whether it is Shampoo, Makeup or even a Great Australian Pie!! Yes there are some Halal Pies out there!!

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We all need to eat...


4:30 pm

Lets face it we all need to have a good feed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of us even get to enjoy a good snack along the way.

The biggest challenge put before travellers is how to find a suitable restaurant, cafe or source of food that complies with not only our tastes but our beliefs.

International travellers are confronted with finding a suitable place to eat with information being available in another can be a challenge. So we provide access to reliable outlets that have been Halal Certified and best of all our site operates in a number of languages to help out travellers from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, UAE and a few others.

Travellers who go from one city to another often rely on word of mouth from friends and family to help identify a suitable place to eat. Now we can help the local traveller in finding those hidden gems.

Halal or Not Halal that is the question...


10:00 am

There are many outlets in Australia that believe that because they have some meals that do not contain Pork or Gelatin then they are Halal aware...sadly its not that easy.  It is important when searching for a Halal Source of food to understand that within Australia there are a number of outlets that do prepare Pork, Bacon, Ham products with the same utensils used to serve your salads. The fish is cooked on the same cooking plate as the bacon used on that hamburger served right before you.

When we rate outlets we always ask and view the Halal Certificate. Where possible even taking a picture of it and attaching it to the listing so that our customers can clearly see where they can find it.

When an outlet is not able to provide a Halal Certificate then we take steps to inform our members that it is not Halal Certified.

Alcohol Service...


11:30 am

Australia is a Multi Cultural society. It is a strength of this country that people are afforded the right to choose the type of meal or drinks to enjoy with their meals. This can impact on the enjoyment of the meal for some Modest Muslim members.

Some outlets have restrictions on service of Alcohol and this is the case for many cafe, fast food outlets. Whilst restaurants can either be a BYO (Bring Your Own) or Licensced.

We provide information to our members informing them that Alcohol is present on site, not present or not allowed. This will allow for members to be assured that the integrity of the meal is preserved.

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