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Halal Food Articles

Muslims the focus of misplaced fears

There is no hidden agenda for sharia law; Western society is not under threat.


As a young child enraptured by the taste of mangoes, I asked Santa one Christmas for a whole tray of the exotic summer fruits to myself. Santa, the parsimonious old bugger, never obliged, and I was forced to go on sharing my mango with the rest of the family. That' more

The World Is Their Oyster

... and, for these Australian food exporters, it's also their muesli bar, tomato, cookie and yabbie. Nikki Fisher reports.

Exercise And The Koran Life In Hicks's Cell

David Hicks spends his days in Guantanamo Bay reading the Koran in ancient Arabic. His faith is now in Islam - he only eats halal food prepared in accordance with Islamic law and exercise, which he does every day within his cell.

Need Halal Or Kosher Food? Air Travellers Say They Don't Fare Well

There is only one thing worse than airline food, the old saying goes, and that's getting none at all.